Professional Trainer

“Inhale pain,
exhale victory.”

— Mike Medrano, "The Ninj"



About Mike

Professional MMA fighter, certified CrossFit coach and competitor, Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Erik Owings, Semi-Pro Football player, Yoga enthusiast and Olympic lifter - you could say Mike Medrano knows a thing or two about fitness.

Mike has spent the last few years training folks of all fitness levels and backgrounds - from celebrities like Andy Cohen, Mark Consuelos and Irina Shayke to Victoria Secret models Anja Rubik, Martha Hunt, Rachel Hilbert and Joan Smalls to local everyday athletes. His use of a variety of training styles (Boxing,Brazilian Jiujitsu,Wrestling, Progressive Calesthenics, Kettlebell training, Olympic lifting and Gymnasitics) make this trainer a force to be reckon with.  

Mike's focus is in addressing your weakness, adding to your strengths and ultimately providing an overall wellness in both mind and body.

...I also do Muay Thai with Mike Medrano, who I call the Ninj.
He’s built like a brick sh#thouse.
— Andy Cohen, Interview with DuJour (


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